Señora Lisa Pastor

The mission of Adventures in Spanish 123 is to make Spanish language FUN and accessible to as many people as possible.  

We celebrate culture, people and communication, not perfection.

Many students have studied the grammar and "about the language" but need help "speaking" the language.  We help you with that.

We inspire students to travel and to engage with people from Spanish speaking countries  with a sense of confidence and curiosity.

"Speaking a second language not only expands your mind, it expands your universe."

Adult Spanish Classes With Lisa Pastor


About Señora Lisa Pastor

"... and then one day, my parents couldn't believe the beautiful Spanish coming out of my mouth." 

My four grandparents and my father were all born in Spain.  I am 100% Spanish,  just born in the US.  That didn’t seem to matter much when we moved to Spain when I was a child.

When I was four years old, my parents, my sister and I moved to Madrid, Spain so that my father could pursue his Masters Degree.

My mother told me that when we first moved there I hated Spain… I hated the taste of the milk, the eggs, the school I went to and the kids at school.   I mostly hated not being able to speak or understand the language…

So, I didn’t speak, at all,  for 3 months.  
My parents were worried.  

But, one fine day, I started to speak Spanish.  My parents couldn't believe the beautiful, flowing  Spanish coming from my mouth.  Apparently, in my mute and defiant state, I had been listening, acquiring the language subconsciously, and not having an any idea that I was actually learning the language by merely listening to it.  

I acquired the language, it was lodged in my subconscious,  and I was ready to speak.  I then turned into a little Spanish parrot, and the rest is history.

The Spanish language and Latin culture are among my greatest passions in life.  My entire career is based on Spanish speaking ability.  I was a Latin America marketing professional with an expertise and emphasis on bringing high tech business to Latin American regions for companies including, Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle) BEA Systems, and 3Com.

My current passion is to help people acquire the language and culture so that it is a part of them.   Speaking Spanish expanded my universe and brought me untold joy.
I welcome you to join the journey.  It may seem difficult at first, but you will get there and it will be worth it!