Adult Spanish Classes With Lisa Pastor


We practice natural conversation, focus on the "Top 10" most commonly used verbs in Spanish, read easy reader books and do lots of fun and novel activities in every single class.

True Beginner:   A person who has no experience with the language and wants to learn in a comfortable and fun setting.  Has had Spanish in high school, but doesn’t remember a thing.

Bursting Beginner:   A person who has been thru a beginner class, can comprehend simple dialogue and is familiar with some verbs.

Blossoming Beginner:   Same level as Blossoming Beginner, but on a different day.

Beginner Plus:  A person who is able to have a conversation and ask questions in Spanish.  Can give opinions on things they like/dislike. 

Intermediate:   Understands easy Spanish conversation.  Can communicate their thoughts in an elementary way.  Is interested in expanding vocabulary and  verb usage.