Adult Spanish Student

As a medical professional in Denver the need to speak Spanish is an ongoing dilemma for me.   I have taken Spanish classes before with limited success. Then I found Lisa Pastor!

She is so enthusiastic and inspiring she is contagious. She uses proven tactics for learning language like total physical response (TPR) and reading.  She says reading is essential and has us read books that are funny.  It is also very fun, so we spend half the time laughing.

 She tells us constantly that this is a stress free zone.  I can’t recommend her enough for learning Spanish.

We can’t make any mistakes that she hasn’t made in her pursuit of other languages.   This is one of the things I admire most.  She is continually expanding her own skills by learning Portuguese and various other languages.

_Sarah Kassay

Adult Spanish Student

Imagine this- having fun, laughing, and learning all in one great Spanish Class. Lisa Pastor brings her marvelous creativity, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the Spanish Language to our class. 

She uses alternative materials such as modern pop songs in Spanish to help enliven the class.   I heartily recommend anyone who wants to learn Spanish to attend one of her classes all rated to your level of Spanish.

-Jim (Jaime) Cappa

Adult Spanish Student

"Spanish class with Lisa is a pure delight.  Learning grammar and vocabulary has never been this easy or this much fun.  Annually we visit our daughter who lives in Spain, and my two-ish years taking conversational Spanish with Lisa have greatly improved my understanding of the language, and even given me the confidence to speak occasionally. Lisa is patient and non-judgmental, encouraging and enthusiastic, and creative and engaging."

-Dale Morse

Adult Spanish Student

"I wanted to learn conversational Spanish for travel and everyday life. I especially wanted to learn in an effort to keep my mind sharp. I'd read experts have proven that learning a new language helps prevent/delay dementia. I found Lisa's class and could not be happier.

I have been taking Spanish from Lisa for a year. Lisa makes learning Spanish fun and interesting. She is so energetic and enthusiastic. She brings a lifetime of experience speaking and learning Spanish to our community.

Lisa is constantly updating her skills to find new techniques to help us better learn. Her years in private sector business help her understand people and the process, as well. If you have been thinking about taking Spanish lessons, I highly recommend Lisa." ~ -Lynda Lyle

Adult Spanish Student

Over the last twenty years I have been trying to improve my Spanish with minimal success. 

Working with Lisa during the last six months I have made enormous progress. Her classes have both challenged and encouraged me to learn in a way I was previously unable to.  The classes are fun, energetic, and never tedious. 

It is obvious that Lisa is truly passionate about teaching and language acquisition from the sheer exuberance she projects in class. 

Lisa provides a valuable and needed resource for the foothills community.  If you really want to get better at speaking and understanding Spanish, I highly recommend attending her classes.

-Dan Voigt

Adult Spanish Student

"I have been looking for years for a conversational Spanish class. I finally found Lisa!

Not only is her class a lot of fun, but my Spanish has improved immensely since starting her classes a few months ago. I also signed my son up for her elementary level after-school class. Though he was resistant at first, he ended up LOVING class. He always comes home from class with new Spanish knowledge and stories of how much fun they had. Lisa really loves what she does and it is apparent in her teaching."

Elementary school parent testimonials

These days, too many children in the United States don’t have an opportunity to learn a second language until middle school or even high school, so we feel very grateful that our daughter is able to learn Spanish starting at age 6.

It’s a dynamic, fun environment, and it’s a joy to watch the students grasp the accent, the sounds, the vocabulary and even rudimentary sentence structure at such young ages.

Our daughter looks forward to class each week, and she was devastated when there was a snow day and had to miss class.”

-Heather and Richard Steinberger, Bailey, CO

Elementary school parent testimonial


I think you do a wonderful job! Keep Up the good work, the boys love it. I asked Marshall what was his favorite part, he said he liked it all and couldn't pick just one thing!

Karen Kitchner

My son absolutely loved Spanish summer camp and we loved seeing all the fun he brought home each day! From language practice to creating native crafts, Will was able to really soak in many gifts the Spanish traditions have to offer. Thank you for making this possible in the mountain community, Lisa. We’re so fortunate to have this opportunity!

-Kristin Vanderloos

Adult Spanish Classes With Lisa Pastor